According to a recent study, apparently men lie three times as much as women. (No we don't!)

Results of the survey show that the average man tells a lie about three times a day. Women? How about only one lie a day.

Men are less likely to feel guilty about their lies. 23% of men feel guilty about their lies versus about 62% of women.

The person that both men and women are most likely to lie to is their boss, followed by family members and their significant other.

The study also found out the top lies told by both men and women. Here they are, in order:

The Top Five Lies Men Tell:

1.)  Yes, I've done that.

2.)  I didn't have a cell phone signal.

3.)  I'm on my way.

4.)  I didn't see that you called or texted.

5.)  I don't look at other women.

The Top Five Lies Women Tell:

1.)  I'm fine.

2.)  I'm on my way.

3.)  It was on sale.

4.)  You look really nice.

5.)  I didn't have a cell phone signal.



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