Brad The Swole!
The other day one of our listeners called in and dedicated a Rascal Flatts song to his good buddy and said that the group was his friend's favorite. In reality the guy is not all that fond of Rascal Flatts and proceeded to give Brad a rough time. He made Brad look..... a lot more athletic then …
Brad & Jude Are Cowboys! [Video]
Today's Seize the Deal is pretty cool. If you've ever wanted to learn how to ride a horse, learn proper etiquette and just have a great time, then Cambridge Stables is for you. You can score a great deal on private lessons by clicking here. And make sure you watch this hilariously funny an…
Dawg Pound Moves
Alright who's got the best moves: Bruce, Jude, or Brad?  Your vote will boost the self esteem of your favorite contestant
Thanks to Troy Maturin for this