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45 Hundred Falling Dominoes [Video]
What thoughts race through your mind when you see a video like this? Do you think WOW that's spectacular or do you think WOW, who has the kind of time to do this sort of thing? I would probably fall more into the latter personally.
Proof The Brady Curse Will Kill TV’s Modern Family
To the untrained eye I might appear to be just a disc jockey, but those in the know understand that I am a paid observer of life. Of the many things these wise old eyes and ears have had the opportunity to observe over the years is television. As Kenny Rogers would say, I know when to hold 'em and k…
TV Summer Shows-What’s Your Favorite?
Summer storylines for TV shows are alot like Christmas shows....they always seem to be on reruns during the opposite time of year. But still fun to watch. Honestly, who doesn't remember the Hawaii and Grand Canyon trips that "The Brady Bunch" took...