5 Incredible Facts That Will Absolutely Astound You
Sometimes it isn't just about knowing over or under, sometimes you just have to bother the learn the truth. While all of these facts are fascinating I find fact #2 in this list to be the most helpful bit of information I have ever learned. It may be the best time saving tip I have ever come across. It takes some guts to make it happen but man it works.
Tickling, Why Do We Laugh?
It can make you smile, make you laugh and if done too long it can make you wet your pants. It is tickling and it's a great way to connect with someone you love or torture your younger siblings. I know, I was the baby of the family and I have the wet pants to prove it.
Awareness Test – See How Well You See [Video]
Quite often we find ourselves looking and one thing and totally missing something very special. This video is a great example of something outrageous happening right before our eyes but because we were told to watch for something else we totally miss it.