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CCSN Memories - Happy Birthday Minnie Pearl
If country comedy had a face, it would be a face that wore a hat with a price tag on it. God Bless Minnie Pearl and the many laughs she shared with us. Her legacy of loving life lives on in the cancer center that bears her name.
Bruce's Five Favorite Truck Driving Songs [Video]
There is a special breed of person that makes their living jamming 10 forward gears into 18 wheels all day and all night so America's economy will never slow down. For the Knights of the Open Road, we salute you and the songs made famous about you.
Willie Nelson's First Number One Song
He had number one songs as a songwriter but this was his first number one as an artist. Oddly enough he achieved it with a song he didn't write. A song that was previously cut by Conway Twitty. Do you know what song was Wille's first Number One?
Remembering Johnny Cash, The Man In Black
Johnny Cash was an icon in music and a great metaphor for the pain of the performer. His simplistic lyrics captured the pain of the down trodden, the spirit of the soul in love, the fight of man with nothing to lose, and the spirit of a soul waiting to soar. He might be gone from this Earth but his…