The Flap In Men's Underwear
The big discussion in men's underwear is the flap. The slide to the side opening where a gentleman might gain access to his private parts should the need arise to empty his bladder. Who uses it?
The Perks Of Living In The South
This past weekend my brother's girlfriend visited us from Portland, Oregon to be my brother's co-pilot in his moving to Portland. She was kind enough to help him pack his belongings into his SUV and reassure us he will be in good hands with her. We really enjoyed her visiting and showing h…
A Kiss Just A Kiss? Not So Fast My Friends
Hopefully it is the last thing you gave your spouse before you left the house this morning, a good long good bye kiss. Often when we meet people we know, especially of the opposite sex, a little hug and mmmwwaah on the cheek is usually apropritate...