Bark In The Park
Tracy Wirtz wants you to know all about Bark In The Park:
All proceeds are directed to Lafayette Animal Aid's mission: to rescue dogs and cats and provide them with medical care and shelter until a loving adoptive home can be found for them. Lafayette Animal Aid is a no-kill shelter. This is a g…
The True Cajun Test Cher
Alright here's the test:  Name the first thing you see in this picture of the Dawg Studio?  Besides Brad being a messy candidate.  Tell the truth, don't look more than once!  Good luck to ya, Sha/Cher!
Sonny The Wonder Dawg!
The Dawg can do everything...play good country music...keep you company..pick you up when you had a bad day..and yes, now The DAWG can read!
Who Let Their Dawg Out?
Is this your dawg? One of our colleagues was rollin' into work this morning and this cute pup was in the middle of the road on Eraste Landry and just would not budge. So here he is. If this dawg is yours give us a shout at (337) 261-9797 or email bruce@973thedawg...
Dawg Gonnet!
Dawg's can sure get themselves in trouble..but it's funny because most of the time they know when they have done something wrong!  Ever thought a Dawg could put his head through a wall?  Yeah me neither but obviously  they have got some tough noggins...
Bad To The Bone
Don't you love it when Dawg's do something wrong and they know it!  Of course you'll never have to worry about the us at the Dawg doing anything like that, but look out...Dawg's like food from the table, and sometimes their so thirsty they will drink from the Christmas Tree …