How To Win Your Fantasy Football League
I've been playing fantasy football since five minutes after I first heard about it. That was 10th grade, 1992. I've played in at least one league every year since. I'm not a know-it-all like some of these pundits that make these self-proclamations on television. I can say this: "I've never fin…
Texas Rangers, Houston Astros Draft Paralyzed Players
It may only be the second week of June, but the pennant race in both leagues for classiest move by a major league team is over.
Earlier this week, the Texas Rangers drafted a paralyzed player in this year’s Major League Baseball draft, while their cross-state rivals Houston Astros did…
Bye Bye Reggie? Saints Draft Running Back Ingram
As Acadiana's New Orleans Saints Station we sure were watching last night's draft to see what our beloved team would do. And as the Saints are known to do, a curve ball was thrown. After selecting Defensive End Cameron Jordan (California) with the 24th pick, New Orleans traded back into th…
Brittany Spears Heading to WNBA
As amazing as she is a "singer" one can only imagine how TOTALLY WICKEDLY AWESOME she'll be as a basketball player. Yep, Brittany Spears was selected by my beloved Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA in the second round of yesterday's WNBA Draft.