7 Secrets Every Thanksgiving Dinner Host Should Know

Tired of all the Thanksgiving hype, Thanksgiving decorations and extravagance? Or is this your first time hosting a Thanksgiving dinner? Whether you feel the need to go back to basics with the holiday or you want to learn all the facts, don't feel like you're left in the dark.

Everything …

What Are We Getting Drunk On?
Hooray beer! Homer Simpson loves it and so do we here in South Louisiana. And apparently the rest of the country is following our lead. A new Harris poll asked the country to rank their favorites adult beverages. 63% of us say that we drink beer "at least several times a year"...
Just Drink, Don’t Think!
Remember standing in front of your favorite vending machine trying to decide what delicous drink would hit the spot on a hot afternoon? Well thanks to the high tech world we live in, you might not even need to think before you drink!