AFLAC’s Got a New Duck Voice
I kept telling Bruce we needed to send in an audition tape to the AFLAC folks to be the new voice of the AFLAC Duck. Some dude that works in RADIO got the gig! Well at least he was a sales manager and not an actual disc jockey. 36-year-old Daniel McKeague of Hugo, Minnesota was chosen from the over …
Apply To Be the New AFLAC Duck
Word is that there's only about 1,000 people have submitted application videos to be the new voice of the AFLAC duck. The odds are better for you to get this gig than winning American Idol so why not apply? Here's the link to get your AAAFFFLLLAAACCC on.
AFLAC Duck Fired
Well actually the voice of the AFLAC Duck got canned yesterday. That would be the indistinguishable pipes of comedian Gilbert Gottfried. I'm sure you'll make your way around the internet and see exactly what he tweeted. Just suffice it to say that the boy ought not to try to be f…