easter eggs

Bizarre Facts About Easter
Easter weekend is full of fun and tradition. We get together with friends and family and hide eggs, boil crawfish, paque' eggs and all sorts of other fun stuff. However, when you start looking into the Easter holiday, you can start finding some pretty interesting and strange things.
Why Do We Hide Easter Eggs? [Opinion]
The symbols, the spirituality, the time of rebirth I get. It's that one other thing we do that has never made sense to me. In fact it has caused more strife and family conflict that family game night. Give this a quick look and see if you can bring me to a higher understanding.
Easter Egg Dye The Cajun Way [Video]
Once upon a time mothers did not buy the little fizzy tablets that dissolve in coffee cups full of vinegar to dye eggs for Easter. There were no magic wax pens to write your name on a hot hard boiled egg. There was a simpler way, a more elegant way, the Cajun way to dye eggs for Easter.

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