High-Heeled Crocs Are A Thing
Crocs are quite the polarizing footwear. Either you love em or you hate em. Well, High-Heeled Crocs are a thing now, and reports are that retailers are selling out of them as quickly as they can stock them.
Old School Shoes You Couldn't Live Without
When we're young, there are rarely things more important to us than having "the right shoes". For me, thinking back on shoes I had throughout my childhood is a pretty good timeline of memories. As I started reminiscing, I thought "Hey, maybe some of these shoes should make a comeback?"
Bizarre New Fashion Trend
When it comes to fashion, I'm never the one to ask. However, I just came across these new things called "Double Jeans" and I'm pretty confident in my opinion that these are not OK. But, what the heck do I know. Oh, and they aren't cheap either.

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