Game Shows

Dumbest Game Show Girl Ever? [Video]
This clip from the classic game show The Newlywed Game helps solidify the stereotype of the "dumb blonde". Watch and laugh along as she tries to figure out the question without looking stupid but winds up failing miserably.
Vanna White On Price Is Right [Video]
Before she got famous flipping her T's and A's on Wheel of Fortune, Vanna White was just like you and me. She wanted to hear those magical TV words, "Come On Down, You're the Next Contestant on the Price is Right" and she did. In this clip from 1980 you can see a dec…
Contestant Puts Weakest Link Lady In Her Place [Video]
I remember about 10 years ago when it was cool to say to someone "You are the weakest link goodbye". This was all because of the TV game show the weakest link, it had a brief run of popularity in the United States and is actually still one of Great Britain's more popular shows. I believe t…
You Fool! Hollywood Squares Dumbest Contestants
Sometimes I watch TV game shows just to remind myself that I am a little higher up the food chain than some of my fellow primates. These two contestants on Hollywood Squares sure went a long way in making all of us feel smarter. You can't help but laugh along as Gilbert Gottfried says what all …
Jeopardy : Humans Vs Computers
I love Jeopardy, maybe it's because I think I am smart and Jeopardy gives me the chance to prove that as long as no one else is in the room. I have often wondered how the human brain would compete in this battle of wits if it were to take on a computer, we are about to find out !