Unhappy Louisianians?
Right out the gates, I'm calling foul on this one. Some ding-dongs have deemed Louisiana as only the 40th happiest state in the country?!?
People Are Happiest at Ages 9 and 68
A lot people will tell you that college is the best time you'll ever have, but a new study suggests that the ages at which life is most enjoyable are actually 9 and 68. Researchers say that is likely because these ages represent a time when humans are more likely to make having f…
I Can’t Tickle Myself?
What a strange question!  But seriously have you ever tried to tickle yourself?  It doesn't work does it?  Someone else does it to you and your going crazy laughing..why is that?
Tired Of Your Job?
My parents always told me, "Do what you makes you happy!"  So that's what I'm doing...What about you?  Do you look forward to going to work?  Do you feel like you mean something at your job?  Here are some questions to see if you are where you should b…