What No Presents? I Saw My Shadow?!
Just think somewhere up North in frozen Pennsylvania a bunch of fools are trudging out in a blizzard to see if a rodent can see his shadow. That will sighting or lack there of will forecast our weather. I think those that created this custom must have also perfected the art of distilling if you know…
Hello “The 2011 Me”
No more more holidays to eat, drink, and be lazy!  (Until Mardi Gras) But on a serious note: I know we have all been enjoying ourselves, maybe a little to much, now let's detox our bodies and start fresh!
St. Jude Holiday Thank You
So many of us in South Louisiana support and believe in the work of St. Jude Hospital in Memphis TN. Here is a holiday hug and big thank you in the form of a musical message from a former American Idol.