Hollywood Gossip

Train Wreck Set to Appear in First Post Rehab Film
I know that is very disrespectful of me to call Lindsay Lohan a train wreck. Thousands of innocent people have lost their lives in train wrecks and for us to compare the events of their passing to this flaming ball of inflated celebrity gas is just not right. If you lost a loved one in a train wreck…
Malcolm in a Mug Shot
I guess it's the way life is supposed to be if you are a young star in Hollywood. You grow up in front of us in our living rooms, after your show is cancelled  you make a few okay movies and then it's on to being tabloid fodder. Such is the case with Miley Cyrus, the stars of Growing Pains and now t…
Real Housewife Leaving Hollywood?
"Where I come from, Housewives don't act like that"That is a line from the James Wesley hit Real, we play it a lot on 97.3 The Dawg. You may watch some of the "Housewives" shows on TV. I think Cankton and Meaux are the only two towns in the world that don&apo…
Seacrest: ‘Simon is Jealous of me!’
Well with the tussled looking hair, the hot (not real) girl friend, the high profile jobs and of course the fashion sense of a thousand interior decorators who wouldn't be jealous of Mr. Hotty Idol Host? I admit the guy has a lot going on but basically he is the Vanna White of American Idol, he turn…
Taylor Swift Finally Falls Flat
We may have finally found the one thing that Taylor Swift can't turn into gold. It is one of the things that makes Taylor such a favorite to her fans and the parents of her fans, myself included.
They Named That Baby What?!?
As parents we all think of our offspring as special, unique and amazing one of a kind creatures. That doesn't mean we have to saddle them with a name that is going to insure a daily beat down at recess, unless of course you happen to be a well know celebrity.
What’s In A Name?
Do you know the Country Legend named Virginia? The Golden Girl name Bernice? How about the sex symbol named Mary Cathleen? You may not know them by their given names but I bet you'll recognize their "Stage" name.