jamie bergeron

Cajun Christmas Nights Concert [Video]
Last Wednesday night at Outlaws Saloon & Dancehall in Lafayette we passed us a good time for the Cajun Christmas Nights party. The night was filled with some of the best musicians in south Louisiana.
Cajun Christmas Party Tonight
The Cajun Christmas Nights Concert with Wayne Toups, Geno Delafose & Jamie Bergeron is coming to Outlaws Saloon in Lafayette on December 12th with proceeds benefiting Second Harvest Food Bank of Acadiana.
Jamie Bergeron – Cajun Rap Song [Video]
As we get closer to this evening's Bayou Country Show (6pm-8pm), I thought we'd get geared up by checking out a pretty cool and funny video by one of Acadiana's best, Jamie Bergeron. It's the "Cajun Rap Song" from his latest CD "Your New CD". M…
6-Year-Old Sings Cajun Rap Song [Video]
OK, it's not just any kid, it's my son Hayden. He gets his good looks from his Momma and his ability to have no shame in his game from his Old Man. This is him this morning in the drop-off line for school. Most of us from here will recognize the song. In case you haven't heard it, it's Jamie Bergero…