Jill’s Tips to Wake Up In a Better Mood
Are you a morning person? Most people aren't, but that is OK because I am here to help you cranky, morning folks. I am somewhere in the middle. Some days I wake up in a silly, happy mood, while other days I am a complete... you know what (just ask Bruce and The Kennel Club). Here are five, wond…
Waking Up And Feeling Great
This article might be from a woman's website, but it's funny how many things apply to men and women!   I wake up in the morning and most of the time I can feel how my day is going to be!  Find out how we can wake up everyday and feel great!
Happy Eating!
If you haven't noticed yet, I'm obsessed with food articles..but it's okay because I have noticed a big difference when I eat certain foods and how they change the way I feel!  I'm hoping to pass this along to you because I believe anyone can change their mood by eating righ…