The Hardest Job Is The Best Job [Video]
When we watch the Olympics we will see victory, celebration, national pride and some amazing performances. What we won't see is the sacrifice it took to get there. The competitor is not the only one who made a sacrifice, there were others behind the scenes that did what no coach could ever do.
Momma Cat Hugs Kitten Having Nightmare [Video]
A Mother's love, it may just be the most powerful force in all of the universe. No matter whether you are a human, a goat or a kitten, there is nothing more comforting than knowing your Mom is right there with you. Get ready to say AWWWWWWWW Cher...
Does Your Partner Hold Grudges? Blame It on Mom
You know the type right, they remember something you did or didn't do from 1992 and you are still held hostage to that one mistake. So what it if it was your wedding video that you taped a football game on top of, still she is mad. Do you know why she is taking so long to get over that small inciden…