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Drunk Man Attempts To Jump 7 Chairs [Video]
The sport is chair jumping and I am guessing it has not moved to the professional level just yet. From the looks of this video all one needs to be a chair jumper is some office chairs, several bottles of booze and a Foosball table to gentle rest your head upon at the end of your attempt.
Lafayette Louisiana's Most Challenging Left Turns
There is nothing more agonizing than waiting to make a left turn on to some of Lafayette's busy streets. There are some left turns I won't even attempt. Here are some of the more challenging intersections and crossovers that I have found in my travels around town.
Another “Drunk” Child at Restaurant
First it happened at an Applebee's in Michigan and now it's happened again at an Olive Garden in Florida: KIDS SERVED LIQUOR! You may have heard the first story about the 15-month-old being accidentally served a margarita instead of apple juice. The new occurrence in Lakeland, Florida invo…