Pot-Sized Pasta
I was perusing the aisles at my local Winn-Dixie yesterday with no clue as to what was going to be for dinner when an old "go-to" came to mind -- spaghetti.
Linguine with Parmesan and Pepper
Summertime in Louisiana is extremely hot. With that being said, the heat somewhat kills our appetites. No one wants to eat a huge bowl of gumbo in the summer because it's just too heavy and hot for our already melting bodies. I concocted a fabulous, light pasta last night which was super simple…
Shrimp and Penne Creamy Cheesy Pasta
My mouth is already watering and I have not even begun to describe this delicious recipe. If you are like me then you love to cook and are always trying to find new recipes to prepare. However, sometimes there just isn't enough time in one day to cook dinner. I want to introduce this dish to you bec…