What To Do With a Stray Kitten
As you may know, Lafayette has an extreme population of stray cats. About two weeks ago, a cute, innocent, 4-month-old kitten somehow found it's way to my doorstep. I have not been searching for a new pet, nor am I one to adopt a stray feline, but this time it was different.
The Right Dawg For Me
You might have heard Jude and I talking about Jack Russell Terriers on this morning's show. My parents have a female Jack Russell Terrier and she is the sweetest, most loving and happy dog. Their breed fits many of my requirements because I want a dog that will run with me every day. I started resea…
Petco Pet Adoption Event
We all see a pet who needs to be adopted and really just want to give in!  I mean it's true...This Saturday at Petco in Lafayette from 12-4 P.M. the Acadiana Humane Society is holding a weekly adoption event!