plastic surgery

Renee Zellweger's Face Totally Different
What the heck happened to Renee Zellweger? That's what everyone has been asking ever since she showed up at the Elle magazine "Women in Hollywood" event on Monday looking like anything but Renee Zellweger.
Woman Begs for Boob Job Cash
Patience may be a virtue, but honesty could get you a new set of boobs. At least that’s the theory being espoused by an Ohio chick standing on busy streets begging passersby for breast-implant money.
Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Like Superman
Crazy, yes....but at least it's not plastic surgery to look like a cat. (Creeeeeepy!) I'm sorry, but if you have enough money to change your whole appearance to look like a super hero, why not use it for something a little more....beneficial...