5 Awesome, Local Prom Dress Shops In Lafayette
That wonderful time of year is approaching quickly. The time when all the guys and gals dress up nicely, jump in their carriage, and hit the ball... I mean the prom! I remember finding a dress for Prom was such a huge deal, and I certainly wanted to stand out. The important question is where can you…
Lady Antebellum Announces Winner of ‘Own the Prom’ Contest
Lady Antebellum has chosen Henryville High School in Indiana as the winning school for their Own the Prom Night contest. The town was devastated earlier this month by a rash of tornadoes. The faculty and staff of the school banded together to make sure the prom went on as planned for the students.
Lauren Alaina Asks Hunter Hayes to the Prom
Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery dashed the hopes of countless ‘McLaina’ fans recently when they debunked the persistent rumors that they were a couple. But even if they aren’t dating each other, that doesn’t mean the ‘American Idol’ alums can’t find love with other young songbirds.
In fact, Alaina …

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