Luke Bryan Ticket Surprise [Video]
11-year-old Armstrong Middle student MaKenzie Prejean was disappointed her school's dance had been cancelled for Friday night. What she didn't know was that her family had a little surprise for her to lift her spirits.
What Are These Yellow Flags For On La 35? [Pictures]
Yesterday, a co-worker was traveling on La 35 between Kaplan and Rayne in Vermilion Parish when he noticed something a little strange. To his left, all throughout some flooded land, he saw multiple big yellow flags. They are much bigger than the little small flags used to mark gas lines and things l…
Photos from Crowley & Rayne
Our friend J.C. Webb has provided us with some amazing pictures from the rising waters in Crowley and Rayne so you can really get a visual as to what the situation is there.

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