Has The Smartphone Killed The 3-Day Weekend? [Opinion]
Is this really how we want to live? Do we need to be in touch so closely via our phone that we are losing contact with those in the same room. Here is an observation I invite you to make, look around the restaurant, bar, festival or waiting room. How many people have a telephone out and are totally …
Cute Kid Says Banana, I Think [VIdeo]
Here is a little one trying to make her Daddy proud by saying some pretty big words like apple and banana, at least I think banana is what she was trying to say. Get ready for a cuteness overload, it's sure to make you smile.
Unlock Your Door With Your Phone
You have just been to the grocery store and you have a double arm full of groceries in your hands. You approach your front door only to realize that you are now going to have to set your double arm load of provisions on the wet dirty ground while you fish your keys out of your pocket...

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