Social Security

A Social Security Scam Is Going On In Acadiana
The Social Security Administration is warning citizens in the Acadiana area about a Social Security scam in progress now. Most scam calls are coming from (866) 705-8406 and (888) 485-9383 but could be coming from others as well.
Social Security Wrongly Declares 14,000 A Year Dead
Wow. Way to go, Social Security Administration. 14,000 people a year who are declared dead but are still alive seems like a BIG mistake to me. Not to mention that if you are one of those 14,000 you are pretty much screwed.  Do you think the government can screw anything ELSE up this year...
Social Security Halts Checks
It is a brave new world in which we live, things we have come to count on will no longer be. Do you remember the milk man bringing milk to your door? Or how about using a pay phone? Well the paper check maybe the next icon of my generation to be placed in a museum, even Uncle Sam is sending the pape…