Meet Twiggy The Water-Skiing Squirrel [Video]
How does an orphaned squirrel rise to fame and fortune and become a movie star? You could call it fate, or you could call it a family joke that got a little out of hand. Twiggy will be bringing her very unique act to Acadiana as part of the Louisiana Outdoor Expo.
Squirrel Vs WD-40 [Video]
The results remind me of a firefighter sliding down a pole when a hungry squirrel attempts to get at a bird feeder on a pole that has been sprayed with WD-40.
When Animals Attack – Squirrel Bites Boy [Video]
This young man has found a squirrel, not a baby squirrel, this squirrel looks like Buddha with fur. Naturally the question about keeping the squirrel as a pet rears its ugly head. That is when the squirrel takes matters into its own hands or should I say teeth.