Win Ragin' Cajuns Baseball Tickets with Song Title Charades
UPDATE: Congrats to Kari Carter, as she was the only person that correctly identified the song. It was Cole Swindell "Chillin' It". Ah, we know, it was a tough one and there were some great guesses. More fun to come soon!
Want to go see Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns baseball team tomorrow night…
Jared from Subway is Worth $15 Million
It's been 15 years since Jared Fogle began losing weight by eating Subway twice a day. And according to reports, he's worth about a million for each of those 15 years. Yep, Jared's net worth is $15 million.
Customer Service Japanese Style [Video]
Japanese customer service is a lot different than American customer service that's for sure. While many companies in our country say they offer great customer service, compared to the Japanese we are woefully lacking.
Bruce Rides The NYC Subway [Video]
I realize that riding public transportation isn't a big deal in most cities but riding the New York subway to a non-New Yorker is a pretty big deal. As we were taking the Q-train back from Brooklyn to Manhattan I noticed the graffiti on the subway walls appeared to be animated.