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Is This More Proof Of Time Travel? [Video]
Here's another video full of examples of what could be interpreted as proof that time travel is real. Do these examples really offer definitive proof that time travel is possible, and is actually happening? Eh, maybe not, but, this is a pretty cool collection of things that make you go "Hmmmm".
Is He A Time Traveler?
Time travel is trying to prove to us that it's real people. Check out the pic of this guy who stopped in to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art and found himself in a picture dressed in Samurai gear...a picture that is 111 years old!
Is John Travolta A Time Traveler? There Is Proof!
I am sure that was the burning question you woke up thinking this morning. Is John Travolta a time traveler? I know I contemplated the idea while I was in the shower and as luck would have it, right here on the world wide web I see there is photographic proof you can purchase on Ebay for just $50,000.00