Remembering 9/11
It has been 12 years since the sky-scraping, twin towers were horrendously taken down right before our eyes.  We all remember where we were at the time of the terrorist attack, and I know I will never forget September 11, 2001 as long as I live. It is important to remember 9/11 and appreciate how strong of a country we live in.
New Possum Tribute Song
George Jones has been gone since April 26 and since then everybody who's anybody in country music has shared what the Possum has meant to them. There have been some moving moments in the month and a half since we lost one of the greatest singers of all-time.
George Jones' Last Words
Last Friday at CMA Music Fest in Nashville there was a special tribute to George Jones called "Remembering George Jones". The Possum's wife Nancy and several of George's "closet entertainment friends" were invited to the special remembrance panel.
Tribute to George Jones
The country music world has been in mourning ever since we heard of the passing of the great George Jones on Friday morning. And since music can be a healing source, that's where most of us turn.
New Song About Conn. Tragedy
Louisiana native Andy Griggs has written and recorded a song about the December 14th shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The song is called "20 Little Angels" and it's streaming right now at his website.

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