So Santa didn't get EVERYTHING you asked for but you did get some cash or gift cards right? Shame on anyone who accused the gift card giver of not being thoughtful. The truth of the matter is the cash giver or the gift card giver may actually be giving the most of all in material terms. So if you're not really concerned with whether the thought counted at all, it is your time to shine!

In recent years the hyper-competitive nature of holiday retailing has led more and more chains to extend sales into the post-Christmas period. Many stores running 50% off sales through Dec. 25 will add a 10% kicker the following week. So gift card recipients, take note: Your card has extra buying power if you use it quickly.

So who has got the best deals on the best stuff? A little clickey click click click on the link below and you will become an educated consumer. Happy Sale Shopping!

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