When you're from Acadiana, there are a few things you're going to be expected to know...

Alvin Matthews via Unsplash.com
Alvin Matthews via Unsplash.com

Things A Cajun Oughta Know

Growing up in Acadiana, there are so many things we learn how to do that, we don't really even realize it.

It's just second nature to know how clean crabs, jitterbug, and make a roux.

These aren't things that anyone outside of Acadiana is going to expect you to know how to do because they have no idea what any of that is about.

Instead, these are things Cajuns from Acadiana are going to expect you to know how to do.

It got us thinking, just what are things that Cajuns oughta know?

We asked you this question, and as usual, you had some fantastic answers that we've listed below.

If we left anything off the list that should be on it, let us know!

Things A Cajun Outta Know

1. How to make a roux

2. How to clean crabs and shrimp

3. How to boil and peel crawfish

4. Never put tomatoes in gumbo

5. Potato salad goes in the gumbo

6. Just because you call them Nonc and Taunt doesn't mean you're blood-related, but it doesn't mean they're any less family

7. Cooked okra shouldn't be slimy

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8. How to build a bonfire

9. How to fill a sandbag

10. How to properly wash and dry a cast iron pot

11. How to make crawfish étouffe without cream of mushroom (or cream of anything) soup

12. When you leave Louisiana be prepared to use your turn signals.

Photo courtesy of Lance Leblanc Eat Lafayette

13. How to cook a gumbo or a stuffed pounc'e

14. Speak and understand French

15. Know the Cajun trinity

16. How to make cornbread in a cast-iron skillet

Google Maps/Google Street View
Google Maps/Google Street View

17. The only beach is Holly Beach

18. Know that you always mow the yard before a hurricane

19. Know who actually made the potato salad because you can't eat just anyone's potato salad.

20. Boudin is most definitely breakfast food

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

21. How to catch crawfish with a dip net

22. How to navigate the waters at Lake Fausse Point, rain or shine, night or day

23. Know where the Rougarou is

24. That a 7-course meal is a six-pack of beer and a pound of boudin

25. How to pronounce Atchafalaya

26. How to catch a chicken

lafayette farmers and artisans market
lafayette farmers and artisans market

27. Know to visit your grandparents often

28. Cane syrup = the only syrup

29. How to manually crank an outboard with a rope

30. How to clean the fish you catch

31. How to make a jug line and bait it

32. That the Louisiana state bird is a mosquito

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33. Never order gumbo in a restaurant outside of Louisiana

34. How to get to Grevinburg in the Basin to catch sac-u-lait

35. The New Iberia haircut

36. How to jitterbug, two-step, and waltz

37. How to play Booray

38. How to make meatball or/and potato stew

39. All of the words to D.L. Menard's "The Back Door"


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