Here in Acadiana, we march to the beat of our own drum. Our food, our music, and the way we talk are all things only experienced here. If someone isn't from here they're probably going to have a tough time figuring out what's going on.


Things You'll Only Understand if You're From Acadiana

1. Don't Eat the Baby - Obviously, this is something we routinely say and hear in Acadiana during Carnival Season. There are a couple of reasons why you'll hear or say "Don't Eat the Baby".

If you get, or eat the baby while enjoying a King Cake, you'll have the buy the next King Cake.

Another reason is, you could have a serious choking issue if you "Eat the Baby" and no one wants to go out like that.

Besides, if the King Cake baby takes you down you won't be able to fulfill your obligation of buying the next King Cake.

King Cake Babies
Staff Photo/TSM

2. Roundabouts
- Over the past 10 years or so, Acadiana has gotten pretty hot and bothered over roundabouts. You can probably remember a time when the only well-known roundabout was on Ridge Road.

Then Youngsville entered the chat with a hearty "Hold My Beer" and,'s hard to believe Acadiana isn't the "Roundabout Capitol of the U.S."

Roundabouts work once people get used to them and navigate them properly.

Obviously, we're not the only place with roundabouts, but they just don't seem to be as common in other places as they are here.

However, a lot of people not from Acadiana aren't that well-versed in using roundabouts and go through bouts of confusion while using them while we're behind them saying "Look at this idiot".

Facebook via Mark Stone
Facebook via Mark Stone

3. Don't Eat the Dead Ones
- This is something we say that would make most people run for the hills upon hearing it.

No, we're not swamp cannibals, we're talking about crawfish.

But, if they're cooked, aren't they all "dead ones"?

We all know that we're talking about straight-tailed crawfish, but if you're not familiar with crawfish or cooking them, hearing the phrase "Don't Eat the Dead Ones" at a backyard get-together can cause quite a bit of anxiety.

Sidney Pearce via
Sidney Pearce via

4. Don't Eat the Dead Man
- This one is a companion phrase to "Don't Eat the Dead Ones".

When we say "Don't Eat the Dead Man", we're sitting down eating and cleaning piles of delicious boiled crab.

If someone doesn't know what the "Dead Man" is on a crab, they probably think it's crab meat. You've certainly seen people make that mistake, or maybe even at one point in your life made this mistake yourself.

It's a mistake you do not want to make.

"Dead Man" on a crab is actually the crab's gills.

Sometimes called "Dead Man's Fingers", eating them is not a pleasurable experience.

Although not toxic, if you eat them you're crab-eating experience will likely be done due to the nasty taste in your mouth you won't be able to shake for days or even weeks.


5. How To Pronounce Our Last Names
- Our last names are basically our first line of defense when it comes to sniffing out if someone isn't from here.

Last names like Robin, Richard, Benoit, and Theriot when pronounced by someone not from here can immediately tip us off to out-of-towners.

Then you've got Naquin, Gauthier, Charpentier, Voisin, and more that get completely tangled up and weird for folks, not from Acadiana.

Heck, you can even be from Louisiana and not know how to pronounce some of our last names properly.

Only people from Acadiana know how to properly say Broussard, not BrouSSARD.

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