I hope you all realize how fast the presidential election is creepin' up. If you have forgotten the exact date, it is Tuesday, November 6.  Being a college student, I do not hear much talk about the presidential elections on campus or amongst other college kids; maybe I'm just not paying close attention. I hope that everyone my age is interested in the election and concerned with who leads our country. Voting is the best thing we can all do, and here are the top 10 reasons why.

10.) It's our money- The government (governor, state officials, legislators, president, and Congress members) decide where your money goes and how much of it leaves your pocket. So, if you enjoy having the most out of your money, think about which candidate doesn't want to take ALL of it.

9.) Education- Whether you're in school or you have children in school, education is also controlled by our government. We all want the best education for our children, so let's elect someone who truly cares about school budgets and education policies.

8.) Your job is on the line- Congress, the President, and state legislators influence everything from job training to fairness in hiring. We want someone in office who keeps a close eye on the economy while giving everyone the opportunity they deserve.

7.) Health Care- This one is controversial. I don't want to get down to the nitty gritty because everyone has their different opinions, but I cannot stress how important health care is. We don't want to jeopardize physicians' and nurses' careers. They work so hard and sometimes aren't even paid for it.

6.) Your Roadways- The government decides which highways are needed for proper transportation. The population and traffic are always growing, so let's keep the roads safe with the safest roadways.

5.) Social Security- The President and Congress members decide how much payroll tax you shall pay.

4.) You live in America- Parish, state and national officials set the standards and control budgets. These decisions control how and where you live and work.

3.) It is your neighborhood- The elected officials make decisions about neighborhood safety, crime prevention, affordable homes, and where to put schools and parks.

2.) It is our loved ones- the people we want to be taken care of, fed, safe, healthy, and educated. Our government has a lot of control over our lives, let's not give them full control.

1.) It is our constitutional right. Register and Vote.


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