The 7th Annual Elite 97 Nurses Banquet will be held at the Petroleum Club in Lafayette on Tuesday, September 11th from 6pm-9pm. The banquet is held to celebrate the noble profession of nursing.

For the last few weeks we have been asking you to tell us about your favorite nurse and what makes them so special. Once again, we received a ton of entries. Thank you to everyone who took time out to tell us about their special friend, family member or complete stranger who goes above and beyond every day to care for others.

Below is the complete list of nurses, who along with their guest, will be treated to an amazing night of delicious food, games and fantastic prizes, guest speakers, some laughs and maybe even a few tears (but the good kind!).

Abby Benoit
Amanda Guilbeau
Amber Faulk
Amie Stoute
Amy White
Angel Dupre
Angela Mire
Antoinette Lasseigne 

Arielle Buteau
Ashley Roth
Ashley Theriot
Beau Petitjean
Blake Faulk
Brennan Doucet
Brianna Ramirez
Brittlyn Vergenel
Bronwen Clement
Caitlin Mach
Chelsie Freyou
Chet Stelly
Christopher Guidry
Connie Joseph
Courtney LeBlanc
Courtney Babineaux
Courtney Robin
Crystal Miller
Damian Gaspard
Dawn Alleman
Debbie Vice
Denise Broussard
Diane Halpin
Ellen Carey
Emily Begnaud
Emily Groetsch
Erica Carrier
Eva Seaux Champagne
Faith Roussel
Guinn Lancon
Hailey Carriere
Hannah Howard
Hannah Simon
Hannah Johnson
Heather Theall
Heather Merritt
Heather Landry
Heather Randazzo

Hester Thomas
Ixel Hazeltine
Jackie Benoit

Jeaneen Leblanc
Jena Miller
Jessica Drysdale
Joey Chapman
Johnathan Larroquette
Johnica Hebert
June Jones
Katie May
Katie Comeaux
Kelsey Sullivan
Khili Trahan
Kim Potier
Kim Romero
Kim Istre
Kourtnie Boudreaux
Lauren Hargrave
Lee August
Lena Handy
Lindsey Lagrange
Lisa Stewart
Lisa Brewer
Louise Young
Magan Broussard
Marcus Montet
Mary Broussard
Mary Fabrega
Melanie Martin
Melody Theriot
Mindi Mitchell
Monique Cohen
Myra Leblanc
Nichole Blanco Johnson
Percy McClelland
Robin Broussard
Ross Dugas
Sabrina Darbonne
Sheri Cormier
Stella Prejean
Sue Hynel
Summer Smith
Tat Bertrand
Taylor Meyers
Terralisa Porter
Thai Nguyen
Tiffany Groetsch
Tonia Sylvester
Tressie Sonnier
Wayne Nix

A big thanks to our friends at Iberia Medical Center for being our presenting sponsor of this great event! Service Chevrolet Cadillac is your title sponsor for the evening.

And we'll also have a photo booth courtesy of Neighbors Pharmacy.