By now everyone is familiar with the ice bucket challenge. But do you know about the "fire challenge"?

Apparently this is some idiotic viral video thing where you put rubbing alcohol on your skin and set yourself on fire. You're supposed to put out the fire quickly, but as you can imagine, some people are seriously injuring themselves.

A woman just tried to use it as an excuse to get out of jail. What?!?

35-year-old Necole Stephens of Bradenton, Florida was with her boyfriend, Marcos Fuentes, in her house on Sunday when she threw alcohol on him and set him on fire! He had burns on 20% of his body and even had to be airlifted to a hospital.

Why did she do it? She told the cops they were just doing the fire challenge and things went awry.

But when Marcos was able to talk, he told a different story -- Necole saw him texting, got jealous and lit him on fire.

She was arrested for felony aggravated assault.

I guess Marcos won't be popping the question anytime soon.


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