Once upon time there was rum and someone thought hmm, add that to a little pineapple, coconut and ice and we will call it pina colada. Maybe it was Jack Daniels himself that decided a little of his distilled spirit mixed into a glass of Coke would be a good idea. There are some mighty tasty beverages for those that choose to imbibe to enjoy. Then there are drink ideas that fall along the same lines as celery flavored Jell-O. Not a good idea for anyone to try. Here are some of what we believe are the worst ideas ever involving alcohol, well at least the making of alcohol, those spring break pictures were a bad idea as a result of drinking alcohol, you can only blame yourself.

Sadly, most of the most egregious offenses took place here in the good old U.S. of A. That shouldn't surprise anyone, given that the American spirit of adventure does tend to encourage minds eager to sally boldly forth and try something no sane man or woman would dare allow ferment in even their worst nightmares. Below are some of those nightmares in all their high-proof glory.

I believe in more people were forced to drink these, there would be less alcohol consumption in this country. In fact I think we would probably all be on the wagon until the distillers promised to never ever do that again!

(via The Five Worst Ideas for Alcohol Ever - FoxNews.com.)

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