Have you ever been to a different country and disliked the cuisine? Maybe it looked strange, tasted odd, or even smelt funny. Apparently, there are 10 all-American foods that foreigners cannot stand. What do you think about this list?

I think we can all agree that Americans go a little overboard when it comes to food portions, but some foods on this list were a bit surprising to me. According to Answers.com, these ten foods made the "loathe" list for foreigners.



  1. Red velvet cake - The food coloring is a turn off and many think it is tasteless. A chocolate or vanilla cake is much more liked.
  2. Grocery store bread - Considered to be too sweet and does not remain fresh for long. There's nothing like a fresh, hot, loaf of french bread.
  3. Biscuits and gravy - Maybe only us Southerners know how to appreciate this savory dish. Foreigners cannot stomach the thought of sausage, flour, and milk together.
  4. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich - (This one made me say whhatttt?) Many foreigners do not understand why Americans love this well-known, kid-friendly sandwich so much. (Umm... because it's awesome).
  5. Grits - The taste and consistency is thought to be odd.
  6. Chocolate - American chocolate is considered processed, not sweet enough, and tastes old. (I would think our chocolate is too sweet, wouldn't you?)
  7. Bacon and eggs - The greasy bacon with the eggs doesn't seem suitable for breakfast. In several other countries, breakfast normally consists of fresh fruit and light bread such as a croissant.
  8. Spray cheese - (Ok, I can see how this one is disliked.) This imitation cheese is completely processed and untraditional.
  9. Casseroles - Too much sodium and this kind of meal-in-one is considered unappetizing.
  10. Cereal - Too much sugar, refined carbs, and lack of nutrition.

What do you think about the list? Honestly, I agree with half of the dislikes. I can see why some of these foods would be a complete turn-off to foreigners, but hey, I'm still going to eat all of them anyways.