What is drunk? That is a definition that is different for different people. The law has its definition of drunk, especially if you plan on operating a motor vehicle. What happens when we drink too much alcohol? What actually occurs in our body? While we may not all be up on our biology we certainly can see the effects of too much to drink. As Brad Paisley said in his hit Alcohol, it can help white people dance.

While too much drinking has its life threatening and social limits it sure can be fun. I've never found fault with those who imbibe as long as they can do it in such a way to not harm others or themselves. For the most part we like drunks and don't mind bragging about our inebriation. That's why we've come up with a list of 10 fun ways to tell others that you  Got A Little Drunk Last Night.

1. Over Served

2. Feeling Irish

3. Sotally Tober

4. Just South of BeJesus

5. Not So Farfrompuken

6. Singing With Merle

7. Yodeling Out Of Tune

8. Ridin' The Possum's Lawn Mower

9. Expensing My Liver

10. Hi, I'm From Louisiana


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