KATC TV 3 Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo reported Wednesday that the Tropical Atlantic will be very active in the next 2 months. In a weather blog at KATC.com, Perillo reported the predictions of Dr. Philip Klotzbach. Klotzbach is the hurricane forecaster for Colorado State University.

In a National Tropical Weather Conference broadcast, Klotzbach predicted 15 named storms, 10 hurricanes. 5 of those hurricanes will be Category 3 or stronger. This is due to a weak La Nina pattern and warmer surface temperatures of the Tropical Atlantic. Klotzbach sited several additional factors as well. He went on to say that this hurricane season will be, "extremely active".

Perillo reported, "In the 36 years of the pioneering seasonal forecasting by Dr. Gray and Klotzbach, the metrics and the forecast have never been this favorable for activity."

It's important to note, not all predictions are accurate. Gray and Klotzbach are two of the best meteorological minds in the modern world, but they are oftentimes wrong.

As of the first week in August there have been 9 tropical storms. That is a record number for this early in the hurricane season. Of those 9 storms, 2 have become hurricanes.

In Perillo's blog, he notes that Gray and Klotzbach are not the only two hurricane forecasters predicting an active hurricane season. More than "20 other university, government and respected forecast groups" are all in agreement.

During a hurricane, you should stay indoors but away from windows and glass doors. Close all interior doors. And never let a hurricane trick you into thinking that it's over. While the eye of the hurricane passes over, winds may become much calmer and you may even see a blue sky. Don't be fooled, there will be more wind and rain on the other side of the eye.

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