It's 2017 and I'm sure we all could use a little less stress in our lives. Most of the time it's things like our jobs that give us the most headache.

Leave the worrying to someone else! As our weekend warrior Ian Auzenne likes to say, "Don't take life to seriously, you're not getting alive anyway." just released a list of the 10 least stressful jobs in America. Good for the people that do these jobs that they get to roll through their collective days with a little more ease than the rest of us.

Here is the complete list of occupations:

  1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer - They analyze ultrasound results (only happy times!).
  2. Compliance Officer - They make sure a company follows laws and regulations.
  3. Hair Stylist
  4. Audiologist - They diagnose and treat hearing and balance issues.
  5. Tenured College Professor
  6. Medical Records Technician - They organize and manage health data.
  7. Jeweler
  8. Operations Research Analyst - They analyze data to help companies come up with more efficient systems.
  9. Pharmacy Technician
  10. Medical Laboratory Technician - They analyze body fluids and tissues looking for diseases.

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