In every story there has to be a good guy and a bad guy. In almost every story there is an annoying guy too. The same is true for cartoons. For all of the loveable characters like Scooby-Doo and Shaggy, there is a Scrappy-Doo.

As a someone who really enjoys cartoons I can appreciate the need for having an annoying character in scene if only to make you love the main character more. I know in the cartoon Hey Arnold! I never liked the Russian guy who was always asking for money or trying to cheat people. I even liked Helga's old man, Big Bob Pataki, more than that guy.

Here is a short video presentation of 10 annoying cartoon characters that most of us have learn to love to hate. I especially hate the little green guy that ruined the Flintstones. What cartoon characters can you not stand?

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