It's summertime and what's better than a refreshing, ice cold adult beverage. Whether it be laying by the pool, on a boat at the lake, or chilling on a sandy beach; alcoholic drinks are just part of the deal. However, have you ever wondered which beverage could give you really bad breath or even be dentist's worst nightmare for your teeth?

In a recent study, dentist and national oral health expert Harold Katz says, "In the summertime, people also spend more time with their old favorites like frozen daiquiris, pina coladas and margaritas on the rocks." But if you are hoping to flirt or be close to your loved on while your drinking, stay away from these ten worst breath-blasting alcoholic beverages.

According to Katz, they are:
1.) Beer
2.) Gin
3.) B-52
4.) Zombie
5.) Long Island Iced Tea
6.) Banana Daiquiri
7.) Black Russian
8.) Tom Collins
9.) Sangria
10.) Lemon Drop

Keep this in mind next time your drinking and there might be someone you would like to get to know better. Bad breath is no bueno!!

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