Tragedy nearly struck a family in Henlawson, West Virginia last Tuesday. Gregory Vance was sitting on his front porch with a couple of friends when suddenly a huge tree got hit by lightning, fell over, and landed on them!

Gregory's 10-year-old daughter Brianna saw it happen so she immediately tried calling 911 on a cell phone. But, because of the storm, she couldn't get a signal. On top of that, the house didn't have a landline.

What to do?

Brianna acted quickly and grabbed the phone to record a video pleading for someone to help by calling an ambulance. Somehow she had access to Facebook and posted the video there.

She even had the smarts to mention that their house was yellow, so EMTs could find it.

One of her Facebook friends saw the post and immediately called 911. EMTs found the yellow house and Gregory and both of his friends were rushed to the hospital and all three survived.

On Father's Day, Brianna posted again. This time she was wishing her dad a speedy recovery.

Gregory is on his way as he was released from the hospital and is resting at home.

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