The Superdome is looking for a new naming rights partner and one of these local options could totally fit the bill.

This week the Saints confirmed that their naming rights agreement with Mercedes-Benz will come to an end after it expires next year and the team is looking for a new teammate. Saints' senior VP of communications, Greg Bensel, says the next naming rights partner will be more than just a logo on their building.

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome is a globally iconic building that brings a tremendous valuable future for a naming rights partner. As with the philosophy of the Saints organization and the stature of the building, it will serve to represent our city, state and region as a leader to better our community, to be a more than just a naming rights opportunity, but a real partner, just as Mercedes-Benz was. And in that partnership, the goal will be to bring positive change to our region, our city and state, through a number of initiatives.

The Mercedez-Benz deal was the first title sponsor for the dome in its 45-year history. The deal was made back in 2011 for a reported $50 million-$60-million. In 2017 the German automaker signed a 27-year naming rights deal with the Atlanta Falcons stadium which all but spelled the end of their deal with the Saints once the contract would expire.

Of course, the events in the dome, as well as the Saints home games, will make this a very attractive offer for a new partner; but how cool would it be to keep it local, or at least regional?

Since I have no chance of ever seeing the "Cash Money Records Taking Over For The Nine Nine & The Two Thousand Dome" here are 12 other local naming partner options that are far more realistic.

12 Local Naming Partners That Would Be Perfect For The Superdome

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