According to UPI a 15-year-old boy from Michigan lifted a 2,000- pound Buick just enough for his grandfather to escape from beneath it. 

Austin Smith and his grandfather, Ernest "papa Ernie" Monhollen, were working on the 1991 Buick at the grandfathers home. The car fell from the cinder blocks and trapped Monhollen underneath it.

"I was just so scared," Smith said. "I didn't know what to do."

Smith said he instinctively grabbed the front end of the 2,000-pound car and was able to lift it enough for his grandfather to get out.

"Probably all the adrenaline," Smith said of how he was able to lift the car. "I mean, I couldn't do it right now."

Monhollen was treated for a serious cut to his face, fractured ribs and a fractured eye socket.

God works in mysterious ways. Thank heavens that that boy was there to save his paw-paw!

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