It's definitely been a year for nostalgia. The world has been turned upside down, and it's easy to think back on simpler times. Like when we all were able to go out and enjoy some of the incredible live music that south Louisiana is famous for. I mean, who hasn't turned it up to one of the legendary Beau Jocque's tunes while out at a club, a festival, or a Mardi Gras ball? He's one of the reasons that people from around the world flock to Acadiana.

Sadly, we lost this amazing zydeco superstar way too young. Beau Jocque started out in life on November 1, 1953 as Andrus Espre in Durald, Louisiana, and he passed away at age 46 in Kinder, Louisiana. His repertoire of songs are classics to this day, and you surely won't find a DJ anywhere in south Louisiana on a Saturday night who's not playing "Give Him Cornbread" or "Beau Jocque Two Step".

Check out the video below from a 1993 feature on "CBS Sunday Morning" with host Charles Osgood. Makes me want to get out my dancin' shoes, for sure, y'all.


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