Since we are obviously in the middle of what I'm calling a baby boom, I figure I would help all of you future parents out with potential baby names.

I came across a list of French baby names that are just too cute to pass up.

Boys: (and meanings)

  • Bale: 'royal'
  • Cabot: 'to sail'
  • Danton: 'enduring'
  • Henri
  • Jorden
  • Luc: 'man from Lucania'
  • Montgomery: 'man power'
  • Mathis
  • Olivier: 'olive tree'
  • Remi: 'oarsman'

Girls: (and meanings)

  • Aveline: 'the hazelnut tree'
  • Bellamy: 'fine friend'
  • Coralie: 'coral'
  • Elize: 'pledged to God'
  • Janvier: 'January'
  • Landry: 'ruler'
  • Marielle
  • Solene: 'with solemnity'
  • Anaelle: 'grace'
  • Fleur: 'flower'

Most women have a list of potential baby names that they keep in mind for when they start having children and I have now added a few to my list.

As of late, not so typical names are becoming more popular so I'm sure these will find their way into rotation. My daddy named me when I was born so for all of you dads out there, these are some great ideas.


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