Man, with all the COVID-19 news we're having to digest it's hard to believe we will be in the throws of Hurricane Season 2020 in just two months. The preseason forecasts are already rolling in. Both forecasts, the one from Colorado State and the one from Accu-Weather do not paint pretty pictures of what we can expect for the 2020 storm season.

But, considering the way 2020 has gone, I guess we're supposed to have hurricane anxiety about the time virus anxiety starts to wane. And the water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico is already warmer than it usually is for this time of year.

The National Hurricane Center has revealed the 2020 season list of storm names. Yes, there is a nice mixture of male and female names and your name just might be on the list.

The season's first named storm will be Arthur. That will be followed by Bertha, Cristobal, Dolly, Edouard, and Fay. If we get to Fay we've had six named storms. Most of the preseason forecast suggests that we will surpass "F" in the list.

Fay will be followed by Gonzalo, Hanna, Isaias, Josephine, Kyle, and Laura. Laura would be the 12th named storm and that's where a lot of preseason forecasts feel fairly certain we will get to on the list. 12 named storms is a busy season and yes it will be above average.

Now, if we go beyond Laura the 13th named storm of the season will be Marco. That will be followed by Nana, Omar, Paulette, Rene, Sally, Teddy, Vicky, and Wilfred.

So, are you on the list? Make sure you share this list with any family or friends that share a name with the 2020 storms. It's always a lot of fun to kid about before the season. During the season, not so much.

Hurricane season begins June first and will run through November 30th in the Atlantic Basin.

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